The world is currently facing a global pandemic that has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people. This pandemic caused a crisis in almost all countries and in all aspects of people’s lives around the world. The crisis has revealed the many weaknesses of every nation, not only in the health sector, including infrastructure, policies and socio-economic arrangements. Maximum efforts to overcome the pandemic and its effects are absolutely necessary. Science, education, technology and innovation play an important role in overcoming this global crisis. The global scientific community must continue to take part in developing scientific and technological innovations not only to successfully combat pandemic emergencies, but also to contribute to the well-being of societies in harmony with nature. In addition, it is able to direct each individual to lead towards post-pandemic common prosperity.

Therefore, efforts are needed to explore, map and redefine aspects of science, education and technology as well as post-pandemic innovation. Through the implementation of the International Conference on Science, Education and Technology (The 1st Annual Conference on Science Education and Technology), it is hoped that it can present a new perspective on post-pandemic science, education and technology. The conference raises sub-themes from various disciplines including science and science education, technology and mathematics, digital technology and computer-based learning, materials science and engineering, applied science. These various sub-themes are expected to provide new insights for conference participants and the public regarding the role of science, education and technology in the new normal.

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